High Quality Education - A Gift for Life

Our goal is to offer a high-quality bilingual education to each and every one of our students. Our global perspective on education and our zero tolerance policy towards bullying enables our students to get the best possible start in their schooling. Our graduating classes’ excellent academic results year after year are a clear indication of ESN's leading position in the field of education, now and in the future.

Grades F-5 - Primary School 

Our primary school for grades F-5 approaches education on two interwoven fronts. We guide our students, teaching them to take personal responsibility for their learning experience, and while we also help them to build strong social skills so that they can collaborate well and have fun learning with others.  We see these two abilities as the key to unlocking their potential and enabling them to become high achievers –– both as individuals and as part of a group -- ultimately paving the way for lifelong learning.

The focus of our F-5 classes also encompasses many effective teaching strategies, such as:

The use of a variety of metacognitive strategies in teaching, with scheduled moments for self-reflection during lessons that provide students with the possibility to plan, monitor and self-evaluate their learning.

The use of positive reinforcement to help students make a link between putting effort into a task and receiving praise and recognition, thereby fostering a positive class environment that promotes active learning.

Grade 6-9 - Secondary     School 

ESN’s education for grades 6 - 9 takes place in a historical learning environment with homeroom  classrooms that provide optimal conditions for  learning and a sense of safety and comfort for our students. There are always two mentors in each class.Teaching includes digital tools and each student is provided with their own Chromebook.

We also offer students the opportunity to take part in creative learning forums, such as a school choir and a school band.

Our collaboration with The House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus) provides our students with an opportunity to participate in activities related to science, mathematics and technology in a university environment. Students in grade 9 are also given the opportunity to take a Cambridge Degree in English.

After School “Fritids” Activities 

Engelska Skolan Norr offers an exciting  and engaging Fritids programme for students in F-Class through Grade 5. Students can choose from a variety of activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, environmental awareness, intellectual curiosity and lasting friendships.

Our hands on, practical approach to Fritids activities strengthens learning and builds interpersonal skills. Our goal is that  ESN’s Fritids encourages a thirst for knowledge that students carry further into their school experience.

Our School Library

For a school to meet the different learning needs of its students, all students should have access to literature and media that serves as information channels as well as tools for language development.

We are proud of our library, which has a collection of over 9,000 carefully selected books. Here, we offer every student and educator at our school an extra opportunity for learning and growth, through a wide variety of media and databases in different languages.

Our School Cafeteria

Our school meals are prepared and delivered by Kleins Kitchen. There are two dishes to choose from every day, and a vegetarian option is always available. A rich and varied homemade salad buffet is also served daily.

Healthy snacks are served in the afternoon for those children registered for Fritids.

Our School Premises 

Engelska Skolan Norr is located in the municipality of Östermalm in the city of Stockholm. The school is composed of several buildings which are spread out in the Roslagstullsbacken area. The lower school building was designed by the architectural firm Jacobsson & Strömberg. The original structure was built in 1965 and is still in use. Today, there are approximately 340 students who attend the lower school. 

Up the hill, housed in two elegant K-marked buildings in the ​​Alba Nova Science Center area, there are approximately 200 students enrolled in grades 6 - 9.

The school is surrounded by and in close proximity to a rich variety of forests, city parks and royal gardens. The school is easily reachable by Stockholm’s commuter systems.