To those who have something important to share:

It's crucial that our employees and our operations are in good shape. Therefore, issues and serious concerns need to be brought forth so that our organization can take appropriate action.

Many situations can be resolved by directly communicating with each other when they arise. Occasionally, occurrences may demand an entirely different approach. Hence, we provide the tool Trumpet, which serves as a whistleblowing channel for all those working within English schools and preschools, part of Atvexa.

The channel is open to anyone with a professional relationship to us, such as employees, consultants, or contracted personnel. Find more information in Atvexa's whistleblowing policy, which also pertains to us.
Whistleblow policy

Utilize Trumpet
Trumpet is an externally managed whistleblowing function. There, you can anonymously, securely, and confidentially report any misconduct received by independent handlers. To access Trumpet's whistleblowing function, click on the link below

Guardians and students are not covered by this whistleblowing function; instead, they should follow the regular complaint handling procedure in case of any grievances. click on the link below.
Complaint handling

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