We welcome your opinion, as your feedback is an integral part of our systematic quality work.
Positive validation is a good place to start, If you or your child feels that someone among the staff has done something extraordinarily good, we invite you to tell the person concerned.

In order to continually develop and improve our routines, it is important that complaints are also communicated directly to the person or people concerned. This is preferably done through a conversation between you and the concerned school staff member-–– as soon as possible after the event that led to your complaint. 

Should you wish to file a complaint, we would like to ask you to follow the procedure below.

Complaint procedure at ESN

You should receive a confirmation within three days that your complaint has been received. Within a week, you should receive a response about how the complaint has been handled.

Other possibilities
It is possible to report cases directly to the Swedish School Inspection or to the Barn och Elev Ombudsman, but the case is usually sent back to the school principal for processing, and if the complaint has not first been registered with the preschool or school principal, the process above can be required. 

Compliance form

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