Student Health Team

Our Student Health Team includes a school nurse, school counsellor, four special education teacher, a social education teacher, a study and career counselor, and the school principals.

Focusing on health, learning and lifestyle, The Student Health Team works continuously towards creating the best conditions for each student, so that all students flourish academically and socially at school. School health care is proactive and preventive work that carries on from your child’s BVC. Our group of student care experts lead and equip all educators with a psychosocial perspective on student development through guidance on relationships, attitudes and conflict management, so that they can help students both on an individual as well as a group level, as and when the need arises.

School Safety Team

We also have a Student Safety Team also known as the The Campus Care Collective, with staff representatives throughout the school and from Fritids. This team meets every week to work actively towards creating and consolidating a good social climate at school and in Fritids.