We welcome your application!
If you would like to alter an already existing application, please log in here: queue application

This is how our application process works:

· Apply digitally to our entrance queue here

· Make sure to list your school of choice via the City of Stockholm's page for school choice:

The regular application period is between the 15 of January and the 15 of February.

After the school application period is over, we make a selection based on the school's admission criteria.

Please note that you must be registered in our queue to get a place, regardless of whether you have chosen us via the  City of Stockholm's  schools choice.

 Admission criteria
· Siblings preference in school
· Children enrolled in our preschools have priority
Our preschools are:
Engelska Franska Förskolan Södermalm
Engelska  Förskolan Frej
Engelska Förskolan Norra Djurgårdsstaden
Engelska Förskolan Norrmalm
· Time in the queue
· Proximity to our school

Application outside the regular application period

If you are interested in a place outside the regular application period or during the holidays, please register your child in our queue and contact us at: or 08-4418580

Offer of placement in the school is based on queue time and availability.

Engelska skolan Norr

Roslagstullsbacken 4, 115 48 Stockholm

Org. nr: 556569-9302