A top quality education is a gift for life 

Engelska Skolan Norr AB was founded in 1993, with an aim to offer its students the very best quality bilingual education. Our school is unified by a passionate commitment to shared human values and to achieving excellence. Our goal is to help every student realise their highest potential, both academically and in society. This commitment is our gift to them, and their development and ultimately their fulfilment is their gift to us.

Bilingual Language Proficiency

With equal access to teaching in English and Swedish, our students build a solid base for bilingual communication based on broad linguistic competencies in both languages that involve a variety of skills, knowledge, and perspectives. Extra exposure to English prepares them better for a future in an international world.

Each year, our ninth-grade students are given the opportunity to take the Cambridge Exam in English. 

Professional Organisation

All ESN teachers communicate in both Swedish and English and have teaching degrees from prestigious universities in Sweden and/or abroad. At ESN, we are proud of our capable, international staff and the dynamic range of perspectives they offer our students.

Intercultural Learning

At Engelska Skolan Norr, we are driven by the belief that different cultures enrich us. This belief, combined with a focus on quality teaching, leads to excellent academic results that we can be proud of, year after year.

A good education is a good investment in the future. Our vision is based on four main areas (please see circle below) that pave the way for a holistic education encompassing the full growth of every learner.

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